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A phone with the Mindfulness Meditation app

Mindfulness Meditation

Listen to these mindfulness meditations anywhere, anytime. Mindfulness can help manage stress-related physical conditions, reduce anxiety and depression, cultivate positive emotions, and help improve overall physical health and well-being.

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I loved listening to the recordings from this app, I felt like I could tackle the day.

 I needed something to soothe me, and I felt calmer after watching this video.

Managing Stress

Developed by the DMH + UCLA Public Partnership for Wellbeing, Recognizing Stress is a brief video that depicts what many families faced during the COVID-19 Pandemic; job loss, online schooling, fears of infection, reduced access to group activities, and difficult conversations. In addition, mental health experts share strategies to recognize common experiences of stress and strategies to manage them.

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Deep Breathing for Beginners

A guide shows you deep breathing exercises in 4 simple steps for improving oxygen uptake and reducing stress and fatigue.

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When Kevin had COVID, I did these breathing exercises to keep calm while he was in the hospital. When things got intense, this really helped.

I knew some of this, but this video explains it in really simple terms.

A colorful wheel describing ways to cope with stress, such as quality sleep, physical activity, and balanced nutrition

Stress Busting Activities

Need help getting started? Use this chart from California’s Office of the Surgeon General to find new everyday activities to help you manage stress and feel better.

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I printed this at work and have it at my desk.

The kids and I made a game out of this chart, where we spin an 'arrow' and do whatever it lands on together.

I haven't printed this, but I reference the PDF all the time.

A drawing of a pink smiling butterfly among blue clouds with the words Breathing Butterfly

Breathing Butterfly

A stress relief app that offers guided meditations and games to help keep you calm and focused.

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Tune In: A Mindfulness Activity for Kids

This video invites caregivers and their children to sit with one another and tune in to their own feelings, thoughts, sensations, and environments to bring calm.

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A drawing of a blue butterfly with a dotted line outline

Butterfly Breath

Use this handout with your children to help them feel calm, manage tough emotions, shift their mood, and reduce their stress.

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Four different books for children


Free Audio books for little listeners, tweens, teens and adults.

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A young boy leaning against a brick wall looking worried

How Can I Help My Child Cope With Back-to-School Anxiety?

Going to school can be difficult for your child. This article offers insight for making it easier for your child to cope with going back to school.

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The words Anxiety Disorders in Children in white with a magenta background

Anxiety Disorders in Children

To learn about anxiety in your children and teens, please see here.

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Anxiety and Avoidance: How Negative Reinforcement Fuels Anxiety

In this video, Dr. Monica S. Wu talks about how to help your child with anxious feelings at home and at school.

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Thought Bubbles! Mindfulness for Children

This video teaches children how to "blow" their thoughts away with a mindful meditation.

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White outline of two heads facing away from each other with a teal blue background. One has a clear mind and the other has many squiggles in their mind.

How LGBTQ youth can cope with anxiety and stress during COVID-19

This resource includes words of comfort and tips for managing stress and tense emotions.

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A drawing of a diverse group of faceless people wearing clothing the color of a rainbow each with a letter on the piece of clothing to spell out LGBTQ+

Supporting LGBTQ Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Parents and caregivers can follow these tips to support their LGBTQ youth during physical distancing.

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What is Mental Health?

Many things affect our mental health. Learn more with this video.

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What is Depression?

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world but many of us don’t know much about it. Watch this video to learn more.

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A cartoon drawing showing three minds inside of each other

Child Mind Institute: Depression

The resources here are for parents of children and teens who might experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

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Mental Health Literacy Pyramid Explained

This video clarifies the differences between Mental Health, Mental Distress and Mental Illness.

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A phone with the Sanvello: Anxiety and Depression app

Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression

A place to feel better: Sanvello gives you clinically proven therapies for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or whatever you may be going through.

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Three phones with different images of the app

The Safe Place: An App for Black Mental Health

This app offers tips and strategies to manage the changes brought on by COVID19, including staying in touch with others and connecting with faith virtually. It lets you keep track of the strategies that work for you.

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Great app.

A picture of three phone screens with the PTSD Coach app

PTSD Coach

If you are a Veteran with symptoms of PTSD, this app may be helpful for you.

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A picture of the app with a cartoon face sleeping in a blue background

Mindshift App

Learn new ways to manage worry, panic, phobias, and social anxiety with this app. It's designed to help you cope and find relaxation.

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I'm a pretty nervous person. This app  helped me understand why I get nervous about certain things, and now I don't even get worked up about a lot of things that bothered me immensely in the past.

Crowds make me anxious. This app specifically addresses that issue in a simple approachable way.

A female healthcare worker wearing a mask and gloves while writing notes on paper

Tips for Healthcare Professionals: Coping with Stress and Compassion Fatigue

This tip sheet explores stress and compassion fatigue, as well as signs of distress after a disaster. It identifies ways to cope and enhance resilience, along with resources for more information and support.

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A young man sitting in front a laptop, rubbing his face in worry and pushing his glasses off his face

Tips for Survivors of a Pandemic: Managing Stress

This tip sheet describes some of the common reactions to pandemics and other disasters and suggests ways to deal with them. It also covers financial stress, signs to seek professional mental health help, and lists sources of help and support.

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First Step

The first step is finding simple ways to manage your stress right now.

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Next Steps

The next step is finding easy ways to manage stress in your everyday life.

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Going Further

Let’s find some active ways to help you make a change.

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